quality used cars Aberdeenshire

Are you looking for quality used cars in Aberdeenshire?

Do you know what to look for when buying used cars Aberdeenshire? There are many things to bear in mind if you’re scouring the market for second-hand cars. You should work out exactly how much you can afford to spend before you start hitting the forecourts and scouring the magazines and newspapers. This will stop you storing up financial problems for later. Make sure you can actually afford to run any car you’re interested in. You’ll need to be able to cover costs including tax and insurance as well as fuel and the initial price tag that you’ll be paying.

quality used cars

Should I buy from a dealer or seller?

Buying from a seller can be a good move, but you’ll usually be safer if you purchase a car from a dealer. This is mainly because you’ll be protected by the Sale of Goods Act. This Act makes it easier to return a car if you later find a fault that wasn’t pointed out to you, but it doesn’t cover you when you buy from a private seller. Furthermore, most dealers belong to trade associations, and they won’t want to risk being kicked out of them by failing to treat you fairly.

from dealer seller

Do you need help?

If you are interested in buying a used car but don’t know where to begin, you could do what so many first-time buyers do and ask a more experienced friend or family member for help. Make sure you take a good look at all the paperwork and view the car in dry and light conditions so faults cannot be obscured. Take the car for a test drive and conductan emergency stop too so you can see how it handles in dangerous situations. Ask as many questions as you feel you need to.

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