Buying a Used Car1

Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Car

The pre-owned cars market is worth billions of dollars. There are private dealerships that exclusively sell and purchase used cars from customers all over the country. Canberra is one of the biggest markets for used cars. Many official vehicle dealerships also specialise in selling certified used cars. Obviously, brand dealerships only purchase cars after a thorough check in order to ensure that the car is in top-notch condition.

Most people who don’t have the budget to buy a brand new vehicle often have to settle for a used one. It’s a good option for people who are just learning to drive and don’t want to crash a brand new vehicle, as well as for those who have limited budgets. However, since you are buying a used car, it’s obviously important for you to check the vehicle properly before buying. Many sellers hide some major faults and dispose of their vehicles on the open market. There are many dealerships that offer used cars for sale in Canberra. Obviously, a used car seller won’t provide any warranty, so you will need to check everything carefully before buying the car. Here are some important factors that you should consider when buying a used car.

Total Kilometres Driven

The first and most important thing to do is take a look at the odometer. How much has the car been driven? Remember that a car that’s been driven over 100,000 kilometres is likely to have some issues. You might need to get the timing belt replaced, and the shocks will need changing as well. Apart from that, you also need to use a bit of common sense when checking the odometer reading. For instance, if the car is over 10 years old, it would be a bit stupid to think that it was only driven around 50,000 km.

Buying a Used Car

Engine Performance

Using an OBDII scanner will give you an idea about all the electrical functions in the car. This will make it easy for you to check if there are any trouble codes that you need to know about. Obviously, the performance of your vehicle will be significantly affected if the engine isn’t generating enough power. If the engine ever overheated, the tappets might expand. You will hear more engine noise than you should. Before buying the car, it’s best that you take it to the mechanic and get it checked.

How Old Is the Car?

Ideally, you should avoid buying a car that’s older than five years. Cars tend to develop a lot of problems after five years, and a rust issue might also begin to arise underneath the vehicle. You will also need to take the car for an annual emissions test each year, which is why it’s important that you buy a car that’s as close to the current year as possible. Older cars are more difficult to manage, and a lot of your money will be spent on fixing simple issues that arise from time to time.