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Get a used car in South Lanarkshire

Are you interested in buying used cars South Lanarkshire? The second-hand market can seem daunting if you’ve never bought a used vehicle before, so why not ask someone with more experience for help if you’re not sure where to begin? A growing number of people are exploring the used car market in order to sidestep the big drop in value most cars see after just one year on the road. The used car market has the diversity needed to cater for a whole health of tastes,which means you shouldn’t find it too hard to find something suitable no matter what your requirements are.

buying used cars

Buy the right car for you

It’s wise to draw up a shortlist of models and work out what you can afford before you go out looking for cars. Make sure you can actually afford to run the car. A low price tag could be tempting, but you’ll still need to pay for tax, insurance and fuel, so don’t be swayed purely by the initial cost. Buy from a dealer and you’ll be protected by the Sale of Goods Act too, which means you shouldn’t find it hard to take the car back if you later find a fault that wasn’t pointed out to you when you purchased the car.

Find a reputable dealer

Look at the paperwork

Don’t agree to a purchase until you’ve taken a good look at the paperwork. You’ll need to ensure all the great things you’ve been told about the car are backed up and you should make sure evidence of a full service history is present. Always ask as many questions as you feel you need to. You may even wish to run a quick history check so you can see whether the car has ever been reported lost or stolen.

Look at the paperwork