Preparing Your Used Car for Sale

Are you ready to take the step and sell your used vehicle? Whether you’re in the market for a larger, smaller or altogether different vehicle, getting the maximum dollar for your used car is the first step in the process.  While many dealers take your car as a trade in towards the purchase of a vehicle, you’ll get the lowest price from a dealer. Even if they do offer a higher price, it’s often outweighed by the reduction in discounts for the vehicle you’ve identified for purchase. It’s a shell game that’s truly best avoided. Follow these recommendations from the vehicle experts to ensure your get maximum dollar for your used vehicle.

Remove everything from the car not provided by the manufacturer. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by   Groupon coupons and select from one of the many backpacks available at Eddie Bauer to store the items from your car and place into your new vehicle. Remove and shampoo or replace floor mats as needed. Vacuum the interior with special attention to the console area. Using a mild soap, clean all vinyl and leather giving special attention to the console and dash areas. Polish the windows on the interior. Wash the exterior of the car and apply a coat of wax carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions. Thoroughly buff the wax. Shine the tires and rims as needed. Finally, polish the windows on the exterior.

Collect all services records for the prospective buyer as well as a clean title for the transaction. Have a screw driver handy to remove the license plate when the car is sold. This will be used on the new vehicle or turned into the local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Take multiple photos of the interior and exterior of the car including a shot of the odometer reading. Prepare written content on the description of the car and reason for selling. Above all, be honest.  Select a website to post your vehicle and photos. Commit to responding in a timely manner to inquiries and agree to meet in a public space. Best of luck to you selling your used vehicle!